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Welcome to Agua Caliente


Hidden in the heart of Costa Rica, a natural timeless treasure has been rediscovered. Therapeutic hot springs and clay resort in Cartago, Costa Rica.


As one of Central America's most famous hot springs, Agua Caliente has been an attraction for thousands of years. The rich attributes and healing powers of this natural wonder have made it a destination among seekers of relaxation and therapy, regarding it as the legendary "Fountain of Youth".


A hundred years after being destroyed by a devastating earthquake, the site is currently being rebuilt and will soon be open again.


The thermal water reach a temperature of 55°C or 135°F. According to valuable expert opinion and quality chemical analysis of this thermal source is superior to others in the world. There is a list of benefits for health, from weak stomachs and liver, kidney pains to anemia, rheumatism, paralysis and various skin diseases. here we have a lasting cure.

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